Dr. Ing. I. Krasontovitsch

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Dr. Ing. Igor Krasontovitsch


Technical Education:

Graduation from the Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute. Specialisation: Mechanical Engineering

Ph. D., Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute, Vehicles Maintenance and Repair

Linguistic Education:

Foreign Language Course English, English Department, Ministry of Education, Kiev

Foreign Language Course French, French Department, Ministry of Education, Kiev

German Language Course, Recklinghausen, Germany

Work experience as engineer, scientist and lecturer:

1970 - 1973
Truck Designer, Reliability Group Engineer, R&D Automotive Transport Institute, Kiev

1973 - 1976
Post-graduate, Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute

1976 - 1981
Senior Scientific Worker, Maintenance & Repair Department, R&D Automotive Transport Institute, Kiev

1980 - 1981
Senior Scientific Worker, Investment Planning & Analysis Dept., Complex Transport Problems Institute, Kiev

1981 - 1992
Lecturer, Kiev Civil Engineering Institute

Teaching in „Construction Equipment Maintenance & Repair“ and „Business Administration & Management“.

Work experience as translator & interpreter

1972 - 1992
Technical Translator and Editor, Chamber of Commerce of the Ukraine, All-Union Centre of Translation, Kiev (Moonlighting)

Freelance Technical Translator, Germany (full time)